When the Governing Body meets

The full governing body meets twice each term:

  • to deal with ‘routine’ and administrative issues such as meeting the statutory requirements imposed upon it
  • to focus on ‘Monitoring and Improvement’

The progress of the school across a broad spectrum of criteria is closely monitored. Centralised (National and more local) data is often available to assist in this area.

Improvement opportunities are discussed and implementation plans for same agreed upon. Such opportunities are not restricted to the school alone but governors also focus on how they themselves can improve their own performance.

The two main sub-committees of the governing body:

  • Standards Committee
  • Assets Committee

Main sub-committees meet alternate months. The remaining committees meet only when necessary.


Dates of meetings for 2016-17:

20th September Full Governors Meeting

4th October Governors Assets Meeting

3rd November Governors Standards Meeting

29th November Governors Full Meeting

8th December Governors Assets Meeting

10th January Full Governors Meeting

24th January Governors Standards Meeting

21st February Governors Assets Meeting

9th March Governors Standards Meeting

20th March Full Governors Meeting

27th April  Governors Assets Meeting

11th May Governors Standards Meeting

23rd May Full Governors Meeting

20th June Governors Assets Meeting

4th July Governors Standards Meeting



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